CRBS Use and Citation Information

You are welcome to use the CRBS. We would ask for an e-mail to should you administer the CRBS for research and/or clinical purposes, with the below form. This will aid us to continue to monitor its properties, and potentially determine cross-cultural and international norms.
COPYRIGHT & Licensure Agreement

The CRBS is intended to be administered to CR-eligible patients where there is a phase II outpatient program accessible, whether they have been referred or not. By CR-eligible, we mean patients with a CR-indicated condition (e.g., myocardial infarction +/- revascularization, heart failure, stable coronary disease), and no comorbidities or sensory impairments that prohibit safe exercise, ambulation or program participation, as per exclusions established in Pio et al., 2020, Int J Cardio). There would be minimal utility of administering the scale in patients who have completed CR.

We also welcome translation requests (see available translations first), and opportunities to collaborate to mitigate identified barriers.

There is a self-report version of the scale available for patients (inpatients or outpatients) online here, with potential mitigation strategies for top barriers: This confidential survey (i.e., no names) has been approved by York University's Office of Research Ethics.

Please cite the following reference if you use the scale:
Shanmugasegaram, S.*, Gagliese, L., Oh, P., Stewart, D.E., Brister, S., Chan, V., & Grace, S.L. (2012). Psychometric validation of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Barriers Scale. Clinical Rehabilitation, 26(2): 152-164. February. Doi: 10.1177/02692155111410579.

We would welcome the opportunity to share any publications or other outputs from your work using the CRBS on this website.