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Sample Academic Presentations

APCCRC 2020: Impacts of COVID-19 on cardiac rehab programs globally
(Sun Nov 29, Room 1, first talk, click on red video square)

Supplemental Appendices to Publications [Word]:

1. Abrahamyan, L., Ross, H., Gianetti, N., Rac, V., Virani, S., Wijeyundera, H., Zieroth, S., Howlett, J., Krahn, M., Soerensen, I., & Grace, S.L. (2020). Access and referral to heart failure clinics in Canada: A narrative review. Canadian Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing; 30(3).
a. Online Table 1: Studies Examining Predictors of Referral and Access to Heart Function clinics
b. Online Table 2: Heart Function Clinical Referral Recommendations and Criteria in Current Practice Guidelines and Policy Documents
c. Supplemental Appendix: Medline Search Strategy

2. Chowdhury, M., Heald, F., Turk-Adawi, K., Supervia, M., Babu, A., Radi, B. & Grace, S.L. (under revision). Availability and delivery of cardiac rehabilitation in South-East Asia: How does it compare globally? WHO South-East Asia Journal of Public Health
Supplemental Figures and Tables